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Please find below some of the books that our TTMHM ministers and missionaries have published. When you purchase any of these books, you contribute to the cause of the global missions. All funds resulting from the sale of these books will be entirely spent on missionary work. If you want to buy these books in bulk or donate directly, please contact us.
That They May Hear Ministries
preaching the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ from our front door to the ends of the earth
Which Way Are We Traveling?
by Chuck Hayes

Is mainstream evangelicalism contributing to the deceived, those who are traveling the wide path that leads to destruction? You may be surprised to find out that your favorite TV preacher, author, or local pastor is presenting another Jesus. So many are offering salvation void of self-denial, joyful suffering, and radical abandonment to His lordship. Unable to discern their deadly tactics, professing Christians remain content to travel the easy, more popular way.

However, the few, by God's grace, enter the narrow gate (Matthew 7:13) through repentant faith in Christ alone. Having counted the cost, they love and treasure Jesus more than comfort, possessions, relationships, and their own lives. Willing to joyfully endure temporary suffering, these loyal and devoted followers continue on the narrow way looking forward to their future inheritance, resurrection, and a new heaven and earth.

In an age of tolerance, bad theology, and pragmatic practices, this timely booklet is a must-read. Grieved over the deception of many, Chuck Hayes pleads with us all to sit down with a Bible in hand and soberly as ourselves, "Which Way Are We Traveling?"
Me, a Missionary? 101 Questions and Objections to the Global Missions
by James Heywood Horsburgh, foreword and editorial work by Ninel Lazar

Me, a missionary? This is a very good question for every true Christian to ask. In fact, I think there is no true Christian who is not passionately interested in proclaiming the Gospel in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the world.
But when it comes to practice, we hear too often questions and objections, such as: "Charity begins at home. We cannot afford to send men and money out of the country.", or "But we are not ALL called to be missionaries", or "Oh! Evangelizing the Nations is the missionaries’ business. It does not concern me.", or "I am not educated enough to be a missionary: I have not been to Seminary."

In this book, Ninel Lazar, an evangelist serving in Romania, Europe, provides you with an upgraded, annotated, and carefully revised version of a 100-year-old book by missionary James Heywood Horsburgh, and gives biblical and common-sense - sometimes humorous - answers to 101 commonly asked questions and objections to the global missions.
In addition, Ninel has put together some of the statistical data on today's Christianity in the world, thereby compiling a list of the countries and regions of the world where the Gospel is most needed. And you would be shocked to see the results of his research, as his conclusions often go against what is commonly known among Evangelicals today.

Don't miss his foreword, where he puts the call for evangelism and missions in the biblical context of the new birth, in 2Cor. 5, and investigates the root causes for neglecting this call.